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boxing wraps

boxing gloves 

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Gloves for Grief was so much more than we expected it to be. It honestly felt more like a homecoming than an event to us because it was so welcoming, so raw and emotional, and so spiritually healing all at the same time.

 Sometimes, grief takes us in places where we feel powerless, overwhelmed and maybe even angry at times and this event provided such a beautiful—and more importantly—safe outlet for all of those emotions so we could release them all and recenter.

It wasn’t about how strong you could punch, or how in shape you were—we just all came as we were, we cried if we needed to, and we did whatever felt right in our hearts. It also reinforced our purpose because after all, we are still living!

We were reminded that we were not alone. We even got to make crafts to honor our sweet Frankie and got to take home a memento. We couldn’t be more thankful for this event, and already looking forward to the next one. 

$60 / pair

With powerful affirmations printed inside, these white gloves can be a canvas for honoring your loved one & adding your own quotes. Unisex (14 oz).

G4G x AG Fight With Your Heart Gloves

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$20 / pair

It's highly recommended that you wear boxing hand wraps under gloves, especially if you're new to boxing. Boxing wraps will protect the tendons and ligaments of your hands and add support to your wrist.

Boxing Wraps

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$30 / hat

Whether we're in the ring or taking it easy, these Gloves for Grief hats are symbols of our commitment to community, wellness, and love.

Gloves for Grief
Dad Hat

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