Through mind, body, and soul inspired programs, we focus on helping individuals and families work through their pain and find their inner RESILIENCY and strength. Our focus is on providing H.O.P.E (Helping Others Process Emotions).

To provide support and healing opportunities to those navigating the uncharted waters of grief.

our mission is simple:

We provide 
healing experience.

We provide

healing experience.

Grief is not mean to be carried alone. We offer opportunities for post-event connection through referrals to local faith-based support groups, which is what brought our co-founders together. 


We invite our community to come as they are and care for their soul wherever it is. Gloves for Grief is above all a place to come as you are.


We organize fitness and wellness-inspired events to fight through grief and offer an outlet for physical release during the biggest comeback of our lives.


We believe building resilience starts with the mind, so we're creating a network of mental health professionals and need-based financial assistance to support grieving families beyond our events.


a transformative

a holistic

an empowering

where EVERY grieving individual has access to the support and resources they need to heal

that recognizes and values the experience of grief

we're working towards a world:

that provides a compassionate space to process emotions and find Hope and purpose after loss

our stories

Our fight


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Angel Frank

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Ashley Guarrasi


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Terra Pickett


Terra is the Co-Founder and Executive director of Gloves 4 Grief. For 12 years, she worked in luxury fashion in both California and New York, working her way up to a director of sales role at St. John Knits. After a year of navigating the difficulties of post- pandemic operations, she left fashion to join her husband at his equally impacted business, and to focus on raising and expanding her family.



In 2021, Terra was blessed with the pregnancy of her second son Weston. After a perfectly normal first pregnancy, it never crossed her mind it could go any other way. At 39 weeks pregnant, and just 4 days prior to her due date, her world crumbled. Weston’s heart stopped beating, with no medical explanation.

The sudden, traumatic, and unexplained loss of her son truly flipped Terra’s world on its axis. Navigating grief, and the effort it took to heal made her acutely aware of the shortfalls of available resources. She began to feel God stirring in her heart, and wanting to share her experience and find a way to help others. After meeting co-founder Ashley in Empty Arms, and hosting an event for their support group, she knew this could really be something. Their unique skill sets created the perfect partnership and foundation for this community. In the darkness, they saw a light to help others.

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Terra currently lives in Orange County, and has an amazing and supportive husband, a 5 year old son named Wyatt, and 2 young adult stepchildren, Briara and Shane.

Ashley Guarrasi is a personal trainer with over a decade of experience in Boxing Fitness, Conditioning, and media.

Ashley built her training/ fitness career in LA for 6 years, as well as NYC, helping to open Rumble Boxing and assisting with their social media and creative director role. She has also been featured in national commercials and worked with Apple, Beats by Dre Nike, Adidas, Foot Locker, and Champs Sports.

Ashley Guarrasi


After experiencing a devastating late term miscarriage with her son Zane, Ashley became an advocate for mental health and bringing awareness to grief.

Ashley met Terra in the Empty Arms support group at Saddleback church. The two connected in their pain, but also in the desire to help people. They combined their backgrounds and experience to create Gloves 4 Grief, a resilient community of grief.

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Recently, she also lost a family member suddenly through Leukemia. More devastating than any other loss, however, was the loss of her son Avery Frankie via a missed miscarriage. One frightful day in September of 2022, she learned during a routine ultrasound at thirteen weeks that her son’s heart had stopped beating—it was an unforgettable day that forever changed her life.

Although some circumstances that she has faced may have been unfortunate, she believes that every heartbreak that she has endured has been instrumental in her life’s redirection. Through every loss, her grieving heart has led her here—to serve as the secretary of this organization. Her hope is that one day—society can get past the stigma surrounding grief so that no one ever has to grieve in silence nor have to suffer alone. Along with her grave desire to raise awareness, she is passionate about reaching those who may be struggling in the darkness of their grief and yet are too afraid to ask for help for themselves. She believes that there is a blessing in the breaking and while she regrets to meet you here under whatever premise or pain that your heart is carrying because of your loss, she is thankful that you came. More than anything, she hopes that you continue to grieve in whichever way your heart needs to today and every day.

Angel is a believer, a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a friend. She has been blessed with a supportive husband and enjoys building a life they both created together. She adores her daughter Alyvia and loves nothing more in this world than being her mom. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, a Swiftie, a lover of travel, and above all—an avid Disney fan.

Angel is no stranger to grief; because of this, being a board member of Gloves for Grief is something that she holds very near and dear to her heart. In 2007, she had her first experience with grief when her paternal grandfather passed away, just three months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As a young college student, dealing with grief was an unexplored territory that she did not quite know how to navigate. Despite the devastation, this loss pivoted her life into a new direction that resulted in her pursuing a different career; this led her into the nursing field where she pursued and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in nursing. In the last twelve years, she dedicated her nursing career to taking care of her patients in various capacities as a nurse in subICU/COVID unit, neuro-tele, and peri-operative services, as well as a palliative care nursing.

As a nurse, Angel quickly became familiar with the dying process and the raw emotions that accompany it. She also saw first-hand the after-effects of unprocessed and compounded grief as part of being in the business of life and death. As she grew beyond the boundaries of a novice nurse, she devoted her career to improving patient
outcomes while simultaneously helping her patients navigate through loss—much like she had to when her “papalolo” died.

She has had her fair share of losses since becoming a nurse: she lost patients, some friends, and has since lost her remaining grandparents during the pandemic. 

board member

Angel Frank

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Tracy and her husband Robert operate Clark and Clark from Carmel Indiana, but they have experience setting up Non-Profits and Businesses in over 35 states. Tracy has lost both her father and mother and understands firsthand the effects grief can have on your life! Her desire is to be an inspiration to those who are struggling with loss.

Tracy Clark, President and CEO of Clark and Clark Inc, has helped form and develop thousands of organizations. Tracy has a 100% approval rate on obtaining 501c(3) Tax Exemption and Articles of Incorporation. She has obtained 12 Million dollars in grant funding and currently teaches Nonprofit and Business Development and Funding.

Clark and Clark Inc. host a wide range of business and nonprofit services including legal setup, planning, development, and marketing. Tracy started her first business at the age of 10 as a neighborhood hair stylist and began managing a neighborhood store at the age of 12. She went on to develop several businesses including a daycare center and fitness studio. She has been developing businesses and nonprofits for the past 15 years. Tracy also teaches business and self-care to women fleeing domestic violence. Her mission is to help others discover and manifest their vision through her services and products.

board member

Tracy Clark

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Karen is a successful business owner as an art licensing agent, author, and co-founder of 8:28 Hope in the Darkness, a non-profit committed to supporting, educating, and caring for the grief and loss community. Gloves for Grief is near and dear to her heart since it stemmed from relationships made through one of the Empty Arms sessions. As a board member, Karen brings compassion, experience, and expertise to the Gloves for
Grief team, furthering support and healing of body, mind, and soul to those struggling with grief and loss.

Karen Badal Hacker is a native Californian, wife, and mother of four—two babies in heaven and two adult married children here on earth.

Karen's first experience of intense loss began with her son, Matthew, passing due to heart disease at just three days old and a subsequent miscarriage a year later. These profound losses ignited her desire and dedication to helping others navigate similar pain through Empty Arms, a support group for parents facing the anguish of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. Karen's leadership alongside her husband, Rick, through Empty Arms spans nearly three decades.

Not only did she endure the loss of her first two children, but within six years, Karen lost seven immediate family members—her sister, brother, mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and sister-in-law. Despite these losses, Karen's compassion, empathy, and unyielding faith have been the driving force that has carried her through.

board member

Karen Hacker

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Gloves for Grief allows you to do just that ... the ability to reclaim your power within your grief. G4G has given me a home to navigate my feelings of grief & loss with a community, who can relate and connect on an intimate level. Grief can make us feel very alone in our experience, thus promoting the act of isolation & extreme sadness. Sometimes all we need, in a specific moment, is to know we are not alone in this challenging season of life. Gloves for Grief is not here to only support us when we feel down, but to empower us – as we walk the path set out in front of us. Knowing I have the privilege to be a part of an organization, who dedicates all of their efforts in meeting and embracing grief, allowing space for healing ignites a personal passion for me to be a proud member.

Hello, my name is Lianna L. Huseman and I am pleased to meet you. I am a professional, a wife, a mother of two littles and a forever learner & educator. I am native to Southern California and thoroughly enjoy our weather. I don’t think I could endure living in a place where all four seasons have an actual impact on what clothes I need to purchase!

I was born into a Mexican American family, where I gained a cultural awareness of how a person’s mental health is directly impacted by the culture you are raised in. For me, I spent most of my life not in tune with my emotions, until I entered grad school and learned some of the most important lessons of my life – in terms of how to nurture my authentic-self. Ultimately, I learned how to live the life I wanted, not the life I thought I had to live. I am a mental health provider, a life partner to my husband, a dedicated mother to my babies and a true believer in nourishing your mind, body & soul – daily.

Grief is tricky. It’s not linear. It has no time limit. It’s a personal journey... and it's real. My experience with grief has come from how my children were born and trying to accept an experience I (nor my children) asked for. Did I mention grief doesn’t discriminate? We are ALL in the “line of fire” when it comes to grief, but I believe that grief births a power within us – if we choose to find it. 

board member

Lianna Huseman

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Katie Jones was born and raised in Visalia California. She moved to San Diego for college and studied nutrition, fitness, and became a MAC certified makeup artist. She is back in Visalia now and working at the Visalia police department and owns her own small business doing permanent jewelry, called Zapped with Love. She also has a sweet little doggie named Brooklyn Grace.

Losing her brother Patrick in the line of duty in February 2020 is what connected her to Gloves for Grief. It was a sign from him, because they always talked about boxing in a real boxing gym and with a professional boxing coach. Gloves for Grief has brought an understanding of grief without words, and created a community that walks together through loss. 

Katie says, “I am honored to be part of the board and help steer the organization into the future. It is my true calling to help others through their pain, and to never to feel shame or that they are alone. Just as my brother always said… I got you.”

board member

katie jones

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Cheryl Baker was born in St. Louis, Missouri into a military family. Growing up, she lived in Kentucky, New York Texas, Portugal, Japan and England. John and Cheryl met at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, and married two years later. They raised a son and daughter who gave them five amazing grandchildren. In 1991, John and Cheryl founded a ministry called Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback Church for anyone struggling with a hurt, hang-up or habit. Thirty-three years later, the program can be found in over 35,000 churches across the world. 

After fifty-one years of marriage, John passed away in February, 2021. Cheryl couldn’t find people who understood the gravity of her loss. She decided to contact eleven other women who also had lost their husbands to connect on zoom in September 2021. This group shared the roller coaster of the emotions of grief, the crushing first anniversaries of the passing of our husbands and even additional hurtful experiences. But then the group started sharing victories; new jobs, new homes, and getting back to our former activities. That original zoom group of widows wanted to help others journey through grief and healing. So Grief Healing Choices was born! 

board member

cheryl baker

There are zoom groups for: widows, widowers, caregivers, estrangement, women who have lost children, mothers or fathers who suffer the loss of children due to drugs, alcohol or suicide, grandmothers who grieve the loss of grandchildren, groups for the loss of a parent, fiancé, and loss of siblings and friends.

After attending her first Gloves For Grief event at Saddleback church, she shared with Terra that this concept would spread like wild fire. As G4G’s newest board member, she is excited to get involved on a deeper level and find synergies between their grief organizations.

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This life-altering event reshaped her perspective and led her to embrace a cause close to her heart. Through her grief journey, she reconnected with a dear friend from her college days, Terra. Together, they found solace and healing through Gloves for Grief, an organization offering support and outlets for processing grief. Ashley now serves on the board of directors for Gloves for Grief, driven by the belief that sharing stories of
loved ones, finding joy amidst heartache, and building a supportive community can help others navigate their own paths through grief.

Ashley Adelizi, born and raised in Orange County California, discovered her passion for fashion early on. Ashley graduated Summa Cum Laude from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Merchandising and Management, and a proud member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

With a career spanning 18 years in the luxury retail industry, Ashley has amassed a wealth of experience across various roles, from the bustling retail stores to remote headquarters work. Her dedication and expertise have led her to her current position as a Senior Manager of Program Management, where she plays a vital role in driving critical brand partnerships.

Ashley’s career took her on a journey from California to Texas and back again, with her husband and two spirited cats by her side. They share a love for travel, great wine and food, and relishing moments by the beach. After experiencing the vibrant city life and suburban tranquility, they settled in the welcoming neighborhood of Aliso Viejo, Orange County.

In 2022, Ashley faced a profound personal challenge with the sudden loss of her father. 

board member


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Gloves for Grief is organized as a 501c3 nonprofit. We plan to develop a branch that provides no-cost healing retreats for families in need and to establish a physical location to serve as our headquarters and flagship Grief wellness venue.

We have big plans, and they don't include slowing down.

Gloves for Grief was so much more than we expected it to be. It honestly felt more like a homecoming than an event to us because it was so welcoming, so raw and emotional, and so spiritually healing all at the same time.

because we're stronger together.

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