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we provide a mind, body, & soul approach to support the grief community.  

Punching our pain into purpose

Gloves for Grief creates experiences that promote healing and offers an opportunity to come as you are and connect with others who truly understand. We want you to always remember grief is not meant to be carried alone. It is meant to be shared.

While loss is not a club any of us want to be a part of, we're stronger together. 

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Gloves for Grief was so much more than we expected it to be. It honestly felt more like a homecoming than an event to us because it was so welcoming, so raw and emotional, and so spiritually healing all at the same time.

 Sometimes, grief takes us in places where we feel powerless, overwhelmed and maybe even angry at times and this event provided such a beautiful—and more importantly—safe outlet for all of those emotions so we could release them all and recenter.

It wasn’t about how strong you could punch, or how in shape you were—we just all came as we were, we cried if we needed to, and we did whatever felt right in our hearts. It also reinforced our purpose because after all, we are still living!

We were reminded that we were not alone. We even got to make crafts to honor our sweet Frankie and got to take home a memento. We couldn’t be more thankful for this event, and already looking forward to the next one. 

fight for yours

While the Boxing Gloves connect us to a core element in our fitness program, they also represent the fight it takes to work through our grief. We are fighting for our lives and fighting for our comeback. 

This is a comeback.

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Our workouts are led by Functional Movement & Boxing Fitness specialist Ashley Guarrasi. Beyond coming together with others who understand, we have an amazing network of vendors who create opportunities for self-care and remembrance of your loved one.

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hear our stories

We met in a Christian support group called Empty Arms that focuses on losing a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or SIDS. We both have lost our sons and are punching for Weston and Zane.

We want to create experiences that promote healing and provide a place you don’t have to hide your emotion; a place to find a release. 

You are not alone! We see you, we hear you, and we are walking down this unthinkable road beside you.

gloves for grief co-founders

Ashley & Terra

Ashley was amazing, she walked us through every drill using creatively chosen songs that helped us punch through our pain. With each hit, we felt seen; with each jab, we felt like we were understood despite of how deep and cumbersome our sorrow was. 

With every sweat fell tears, and as our heartbeat became more palpable in our chest, we found a new drive and purpose—to keep going, to keep fighting, and to keep raising awareness so that our little angel’s loss would not go in vain.

We were reminded that we were not alone. We even got to make crafts to honor our sweet Frankie and got to take home a memento. We couldn’t be more thankful for this event, and already looking forward to the next one.

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Gloves for Grief is thrilled to announce our partnership with Rudy’s Christmas Trees for a day of community spirit and baseball at our nonprofit tailgate event on Sunday, 7/28.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy a day filled with food, music, games, and an exciting baseball game.

Join us as we watch the Angels take on the Athletics in a special event we would like to call “Watching the Angels with our Angels.”

After our parking lot tailgate starting at 11 am, stay to cheer on the teams. We will all sit together as a grief support community to show our support and unity.

All ticket sales from the event will go towards supporting our nonprofit organization’s mission to provide support resources and healing to the grief community. Your ticket will also include a piece of pizza and soda during our tailgate.

After the game, kids will have the special opportunity to run the bases and have a memorable experience.

Don’t miss out on this day of fun, community, and support. We can’t wait to see you there!


***All tickets purchased are in the Gloves for Grief section 248, and will be issued directly to your E-mail through the MLB Ballpark App 3 days prior to event (Friday, July 26th). Please make sure to download the MLB Ballpark app in advance. Seats purchased together will be sat next to each other. If there are other special seating requests or section/suite needs, please reach out to us directly at glovesforgrief@gmail.com


Grief is a complex emotion that touches all of our lives at some point. As parents, our instinct is often to shield our children from pain and discomfort. We want to protect them, to fix things, and to keep their world as safe and happy as possible. However, when grief enters our lives, whether through loss, illness, or other challenges, shielding our children completely may not always be possible or beneficial.

Normalizing Emotions

One of the most powerful reasons to allow children to witness grief is to normalize the experience of emotions. When children see adults grieving, they learn that it is okay to feel sad, angry, or confused. They understand that these emotions are a natural part of life, which can equip them with valuable coping skills for their own future challenges.

Building Empathy

Experiencing grief in a family setting also helps children develop empathy and compassion. They learn to recognize and understand the pain of others, fostering a sense of empathy that encourages them to be supportive and kind to those who are struggling.

Creating a Safe Space

By allowing children to witness grief, parents create a safe space for them to express their own feelings. Children feel more comfortable discussing their emotions and seeking support when they see that it is okay to talk about difficult topics within the family.

Teaching Resilience

Grief can be a profound teacher of resilience. When children witness how adults navigate grief, they learn about the strength and resilience needed to cope with life’s challenges. They see that it is possible to move forward and find joy again after experiencing loss.

Fostering Open Communication

Openly discussing grief within the family encourages open communication. Children learn the importance of sharing their feelings and seeking comfort from others when they need it. This promotes a supportive family environment where emotions are acknowledged and validated.

Preparing for the Future

Allowing children to witness grief not only helps them navigate their own emotions but also prepares them to support others in the future. They learn valuable lessons about empathy, resilience, and communication that will serve them well throughout their lives.

So while it may be tempting to shield children from grief, allowing them to witness and participate in the grieving process within the family can be profoundly beneficial. It normalizes emotions, builds empathy, creates a safe space for expression, teaches resilience, fosters open communication, and prepares children for life’s inevitable challenges. By embracing grief as a natural part of life, we empower our children to navigate their own emotions and support others with empathy and understanding.

More grief support resources are available here and you’re always welcome to explore our upcoming events to connect with our community in person.


In honor of our Gloves for Grieving Men event hosted on 6/15/24, we want to share a beautiful resource tool created by our Director of Communication and Outreach Angel Frank in collaboration with Empty Arms.

Men are raised to be protectors, so many hide their emotions while grieving to avoid the stereotype of appearing weak when they’re sad, when they cry, or when they grieve. Some turn to unhealthy ways of coping, like alcohol or substance use, overworking, and other forms of self-protective mechanisms, which can be difficult for their partners to handle and cause a strain in relationships. To help alleviate some of these challenges, below are some ways you can support the men in your life who are going through grief:

🥊 Remind him it’s okay to feel emotions. Validate him when he opens up. Keep private whatever they share with you in confidence unless it is regarding thoughts of intent to harm themselves, in which case, seek professional attention immediately.

🥊 Encourage participation in activities and support groups. Understand that it is okay that they find others who they can relate to. Let them know that it is okay for them to find comfort from others who share the same experience, even if the support is not from you.

🥊 Communicate. Establish a way that is unique to both of you that gives each other grace when one is having a “griefy” day. This could be something as simple as turning the lamp on in one part of the house or using a safe word or phrase. You can be as creative or as simple as you want to be, as long as it is what works for both of you.

🥊 Ask open-ended questions. Continue to reassure him that you are there for him whenever he’s ready, even when he’s not ready to talk right now.

🥊 Understand the difference between men and women’s ways of coping with grief. Men may be more prone to appearing strong on the surface, which may feel like they are pushing you away. Encourage them to grieve in whatever feels natural for them without forcing discussion, and offer support when they’re ready.

🥊 Lastly create a safe space focused on acceptance. Remember there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. Encourage him to share whatever emotions he may have without fear of judgement.

More grief support resources are available here and you’re always welcome to explore our upcoming events to connect with our community in person.


Belle Donne – A Gathering For Grieving Women with Kay Warren & Stacie Wood – An in-person event.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the “Belle Donne” – the beautiful women in our lives. However, it can also leave women who have experienced grief and loss around Mother’s Day feeling less than beautiful. 

Loss of a child, miscarriage, abortion, infertility, placing a child for adoption, loss of a mother or grandmother, or estranged relationships can create a complicated holiday for many women. If you need comfort and a sacred space to honor your grief, Belle Donne: A Gathering for Grieving Women is for you.

Join us on Sunday, May 5 at Saddleback Church Lake Forest. This is an in-person event only and will not be streamed. 


In order to create the emotional space needed for this event, we ask that children not attend. Childcare will be available:

Please use this link to Register for childcare ages birth to age 11  https://www.jotform.com/build/240826413387156

Please Register below to attend Belle Donne.


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