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we provide a mind, body, & soul approach to support the grief community.  

Punching our pain into purpose

Gloves for Grief creates experiences that promote healing and offers an opportunity to come as you are and connect with others who truly understand. We want you to always remember grief is not meant to be carried alone. It is meant to be shared.

While loss is not a club any of us want to be a part of, we're stronger together. 

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Gloves for Grief was so much more than we expected it to be. It honestly felt more like a homecoming than an event to us because it was so welcoming, so raw and emotional, and so spiritually healing all at the same time.

 Sometimes, grief takes us in places where we feel powerless, overwhelmed and maybe even angry at times and this event provided such a beautiful—and more importantly—safe outlet for all of those emotions so we could release them all and recenter.

It wasn’t about how strong you could punch, or how in shape you were—we just all came as we were, we cried if we needed to, and we did whatever felt right in our hearts. It also reinforced our purpose because after all, we are still living!

We were reminded that we were not alone. We even got to make crafts to honor our sweet Frankie and got to take home a memento. We couldn’t be more thankful for this event, and already looking forward to the next one. 

fight for yours

While the Boxing Gloves connect us to a core element in our fitness program, they also represent the fight it takes to work through our grief. We are fighting for our lives and fighting for our comeback. 

This is a comeback.

more than just a workout

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Join us for a heartfelt and one-of-a kind event as we honor and remember Patrick Jones, Ray Figueroa, and Damien Pereira and all fallen firefighters at Main Athletics in Porterville, CA. It's time to come together and pay tribute to these brave men.


hear our stories

We met in a Christian support group called Empty Arms that focuses on losing a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or SIDS. We both have lost our sons and are punching for Weston and Zane.

We want to create experiences that promote healing and provide a place you don’t have to hide your emotion; a place to find a release. 

You are not alone! We see you, we hear you, and we are walking down this unthinkable road beside you.

gloves for grief co-founders

Ashley & Terra

Ashley was amazing, she walked us through every drill using creatively chosen songs that helped us punch through our pain. With each hit, we felt seen; with each jab, we felt like we were understood despite of how deep and cumbersome our sorrow was. 

With every sweat fell tears, and as our heartbeat became more palpable in our chest, we found a new drive and purpose—to keep going, to keep fighting, and to keep raising awareness so that our little angel’s loss would not go in vain.

We were reminded that we were not alone. We even got to make crafts to honor our sweet Frankie and got to take home a memento. We couldn’t be more thankful for this event, and already looking forward to the next one.

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At Gloves For Grief, we are dedicated to fostering community and offering experiences for healing during difficult times. Discover the transformative power of fitness and health as we navigate through grief together.

Grief Workouts & Community can provide opportunities for healing: The combination of endorphin release, stress reduction, improved sleep, outlet release, and social connection creates a unique approach to grief healing. By prioritizing your physical well-being, you’re nurturing not only your body but also your mind and spirit on your path towards resilience.

Exciting Partnership Announcement: We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The 2024 OC Marathon!

Ways You Can Support Us and Get Involved:

  • Run or Walk options: 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon
  • Combo options: 5K/Half Marathon, 5K/Full Marathon
  • Virtual options: Virtual 5K/Half/Full Marathon
  • Volunteer at the Mile 13.5 Water Station with us on May 5th
  • Save 15% on your registration with code GLOVESFORGRIEF15

Support Our Cause: Gloves For Grief is an official charity of the OC Marathon running festival. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 to fund two projects in 2024:

  • 12 Grief Retreats in healing locations
  • 150 First response baskets to families providing resources for those in fresh loss

Pledge to Fundraise:

  • Fundraise $150: Receive a G4G Team T-shirt “I am Running For _____”
  • Fundraise $350: Receive a G4G Team T-shirt & embroidered hat
  • Fundraise $500: Receive a G4G Team T-shirt, embroidered hat, & jean jacket!
  • Fundraise $750: Receive a G4G Team T-shirt, embroidered hat, and a dedicated punching bag for your loved one.

Fundraise for your Registration Fee

If you fundraise for your run/walk and meet the following thresholds below, you will receive not only the swag above, BUT your registration fee will also be refunded to you!

  • 5K – Fundraise $150
  • Half Marathon – Fundraise $350
  • Full Marathon – Fundraise $500
  • Half/Full Combo – Fundraise $750

Business Sponsorships:

  • $1000 Donation: Your business logo on our team T-shirts
  • $2000 Donation: Your business as the main T-shirt sponsor with a prominent logo
  • $5000 Donation: Your business sponsors our water station at mile 13.5 with extensive logo visibility

Volunteer Opportunities: Not a runner or walker? Volunteer at our water station at mile 13.5 on Sunday, May 5, from 5:30 am to 10 am. Experience music, community, and contribute to our mission.

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Last night, something happened. It was unexpected, unplanned, and nothing I could have prepared for. We were all getting ready for a family dinner. My husband had been working on his famous homemade meatball surprise spaghetti ALL day. Everyone was seated at the table with full plates except for Wyatt. Wyatt is my 5-year-old son, who NEVER can be more than a few feet away from another pulse. My little guy is afraid to be alone. Afraid of the dark. Afraid of pretty much everything. But at this moment, he was nowhere to be found. I told everyone to get started with dinner, and I went upstairs to look for him.

When I went into his room, Wyatt was sobbing and piled underneath a mountain of stuffed animals on his top bunk. The only thing I could see were toes poking out from a mound of fluff. I gently spoke to him and said, “Wyatt, honey, what is wrong? Why are you crying?” He was hesitant to answer and just shook his head, digging deeper into the pile. I reached out to grab him and bring him into my arms, and I finally heard the words that completely took me off guard. “All I want is my baby brother back. I am never going to see him again.”

I was completely shocked. Wyatt had not mentioned Weston in a while. It has been 22 months since our loss, and I have really been working hard on finding a balance between honoring him and making him an active member of our family while allowing his little heart (and my own) to heal. As a mom, you aim to take away your child’s pain whenever possible. If they have a cut, you clean it and put a band-aid on it. If they are sick, you bring them medicine. If they are hungry, you feed them. We always seek to “fix” whatever we can for our babies, but how on EARTH could I fix this? I couldn’t. I can’t. And in that moment, I didn’t know what I could say to comfort him. So, I decided to do the only thing that came to my mind at that point. I acknowledged his pain and met him on his level. I told Wyatt, “I am SO sorry, baby. I want him here too.”

I decided to take him to his brother’s former nursery turned Gloves 4 Grief home office. In this office, I have many things that remind me of Weston. It used to be really hard to be in there, but now I have grown to love it. It makes me feel close to him. It makes me remember what we have created together. In this room, there is a memory box with photos of his footprints, angel figurines, and a white stuffed teddy bear that I never take out. This white teddy bear is incredibly soft, curly, and VERY triggering for me. It was a tradition of mine to get these heartbeat bears during our 3D ultrasounds. I still have Wyatt’s although the heartbeat has stopped working. Weston’s bear remains in the box because it’s hard for me to hear it. It’s a reminder for me of “That DAY”. The day that changed everything for me and in me. The day that I would have given anything to hear that sound. But Wyatt couldn’t help it, and he squeezed that bear as soon as I told him it was his baby brother’s heart.

When you lose someone you love, objects and items can be all we have left. We keep things close to us because it reminds us of a memory, a time we shared, and what it was like to have their physical presence with us. I wanted Wyatt to understand that although his little brother never lived outside my body, he LIVED.

As I wrap up this post, you may be asking, “What does this blog post have to do with SOUL in healing.” Well, here it is. Because of my faith, I have HOPE. I can rest and sit in the comfort that there will be a time where there will be no more distance between us and Weston. That Wyatt will one day be able to play and run with his little brother. Faith is the only HOPE we have. It’s the only light we have when you are in the darkness of Grief.

Faith is something that has always been a part of my life, but now it is something I cling to. It’s like a life raft we see when we are floating in the uncharted, never-ending, unpredictable waters of grief.

So, I speak to you right now. The person on the other end of this screen that may be sitting in the darkness of your own grief. We are here to help you. Let Gloves for Grief and this community be a candle flickering ahead of you, and be living proof that you are NOT alone. Even though you may not be able to see where you are going, follow the light and HOPE from your soul.

Remember: Take it one day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time.

Terra Co-Founder and fellow HOPE seeker


Our bi-monthly wellness events aim to provide a safe and supportive space for individuals experiencing Grief & Loss. Each event creates a healing opportunity for our community and becomes a highly anticipated experience. In the past, we have had people travel over 400 miles to be part of it. At our last event on January 13th, 2024, 3 mothers joined us from Tuscon Arizona- and were vulnerable in sharing their story about the loss of their 3 sons.

These events. These experiences. These moments. We will never forget the raw moments of connection and strength felt when our community comes together. Gloves for Grief events are an unfiltered experience of being filled with pain, rising up in strength, standing with others who deeply understand, and rooting yourself in belief and faith.

Beyond the deeply emotive experience, each boxing event offers resources, education, and community to help attendees navigate the grieving process and provide an outlet for release.

By becoming a sponsor, your organization will benefit from: 

Brand visibility

Your logo will be prominently displayed on event materials, marketing collateral, signage, and digital platforms. The exposure will help increase brand awareness and visibility among our diverse audience. 

Networking Opportunities

As a sponsor you will have access to network at our events providing valuable opportunities to meet potential clients and other sponsors.  

Community Engagement

By supporting our event you will demonstrate your commitment to the grief community and increase awareness of your business through your charitable support of our mission.

Ways to get involved as a Gloves for Grief partner or sponsor

We offer 4 different sponsorship tiers to fit your budget and goals. These packages include different levels of sponsorship with corresponding benefits and exposure opportunities. 

We are currently accepting applications for 2024 Events from organizations and individuals who share our values. Please use our contact form to submit your interest. Thank you for your support and consideration!

If you believe in our mission, explore the following support options to get involved.

Platinum Event Sponsor: $2,500
Exclusive Full Sponsorship for an event (50-75 attendees)

  • Exclusive Brand Exposure 
  • Media Coverage on Instagram/Facebook
  • Brand logo on website
  • Blog post feature
  • Branded attendee gift 
  • Private vendor table at event
  • Event recognition & Exclusive signage display

Gold Event Co-Sponsor: $1,500
Co Sponsorship for an event (50-75 attendees)

  • Co-Branded Exposure 
  • Media Coverage on Instagram/Facebook
  • Brand logo on website
  • Co Branded Blog Feature
  • Co-Branded attendee gift 
  • Shared vendor table at event
  • Event recognition & Co-branded signage display

Silver Event Co-Sponsor: $1,000
Co Sponsorship for an event (50-75 attendees) 

  • Media Coverage on Instagram/Facebook
  • Co Branded Blog Feature
  • Shared vendor table at event
  • Event Element Sponsor: Options for Coaching, Food/Beverage, or Attendee gift
  • Event Recognition & Co-branded signage display

Bronze Event Co-Sponsor: $500
Element sponsor for an event (50-75 attendees) 

  • Media Coverage on Instagram/Facebook
  • Brand logo on Event Collateral
  • Event Element Sponsor: Options for Coaching, Food/Beverage, or Attendee gift
  • Event Recognition

Thank you to our 2023 Event & Venue Sponsors who supported an incredible array of events!

Saddleback Church, BOXHAUS, Grampas Boxing Gym, Genesis Bank, and Walmart Store #2487 Corona

To get involved, please use our contact form to submit your interest in becoming a vendor, supporter, or partner! 


With 2023 officially behind us, it feels like the perfect time for some reflections. So we here at Gloves for Grief took a moment to do just that. 

Although we just received our 501(c)(3) status in March, 2023, we were still able to:

  • host 5 boxing/wellness events
  • offer a Grief Workshop using Art Therapy for healing
  • serve 375 people at our wellness events
  • provide 3 $100 Grocery/ Food delivery Gift Cards to families in acute grief
  • hold 2 Grief Retreats for families over Mother’s Day weekend (with all-expense-paid getaways in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach)

All of that in just 8 months of operating as a nonprofit! 

But it’s the people that we’ve met and the families we’ve supported that have made our journey to this point so extraordinary. People like…

  • Trina, who lost her son Ori at birth due to a life-threatening genetic condition.
  • And Sandy, who lost her son Patrick in the line of duty in Porterville, CA (we shared her daughter Katie’s story this fall and how their family will be wearing their Gloves for Grief in February and Punching for Patrick).

Both Trina and Sandy (along with their families) were provided a safe space for healing and beautiful accommodations, as well as our continued support – because we know all too well that grief has no expiration date.

It’s truly remarkable to see how much we’ve grown and how far we’ve come in these 8 short months. We don’t for a second take for granted the incredible support we receive from our donors and sponsors. 

And because of you, it’s with great excitement and humility that we look forward to the impact we’ll make in 2024. 

A little sneak peek at some of the BIG events already inked in our plans: 

  • 4 local community events
  • 2 travel events in Northern California and Los Angeles
  • 3 Art Therapy experiences
  • 2 walk/run charity event partnerships
  • 3 significant charitable contributions to other external grief support groups that align with our mission (because we believe in supporting others who support others)
  • 12 – 2-night retreats for grieving families in need
  • 240 1-on-1 mental health therapy sessions (free of charge), with a goal of providing 20 sessions a month

As you can see, we have no plans of slowing down!

Our very first travel event in 2024 will be our Fallen Fighter Memorial on February 17th in Porterville, CA. You can help to get us (and all our gear) there by donating directly to this first-of-its-kind event in honor of Captain Ray Figueroa and Firefighter Patrick Jones, both lost in the line of duty.

By supporting Gloves for Grief’s 2024 goals, you can be an essential part of some of the other amazing resources and events we’re bringing to our grief community as well. 

Here are some other ways you can make your support efforts really pack a punch and offer a priceless sense of peace to grieving families this year:

And remember, your donations are tax-deductible!

In the kind and unforgettable words of Fallen Firefighter Patrick Jones




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