5/25: Punching Our Pain Into Purpose With Shepherd Church

Join us for an action-packed event that includes training on shadow boxing and bag work followed by a time of cool down, stretching, and breathing. Movement and fitness provide a healthy physical release for grief where no words are needed. Like with our other signature boxing events held all over Southern California, those who attend will also enjoy live music, connection, and community.

Space is limited so sign up now and join Gloves for Grief co-founders Terra Picket and Ashley Guarrasi on May 25, 2024 at Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California.

Ashley’s Story of Grief and Loss

Ashley Guarrasi is a personal trainer with over a decade of experience in Boxing Fitness, Conditioning, and media.

Ashley built her training/ fitness career in LA for 6 years, as well as NYC, helping to open Rumble Boxing and assisting with their social media and creative director role. She has also been featured in national commercials and worked with Apple, Beats by Dre Nike, Adidas, Foot Locker, and Champs Sports.

After experiencing a devastating late term miscarriage with her son Zane, Ashley became an advocate for mental health and bringing awareness to grief.

Ashley met Terra in the Empty Arms support group at Saddleback church. The two connected in their pain, but also in the desire to help people. They combined their backgrounds and experience to create Gloves 4 Grief, a resilient community of grief.

Terra’s Story of Grief and Loss

Terra is the Co-Founder and Executive director of Gloves 4 Grief. For 12 years, she worked in luxury fashion in both California and New York, working her way up to a director of sales role at St. John Knits. After a year of navigating the difficulties of post- pandemic operations, she left fashion to join her husband at his equally impacted business, and to focus on raising and expanding her family.

In 2021, Terra was blessed with the pregnancy of her second son Weston. After a perfectly normal first pregnancy, it never crossed her mind it could go any other way. At 39 weeks pregnant, and just 4 days prior to her due date, her world crumbled. Weston’s heart stopped beating, with no medical explanation.

The sudden, traumatic, and unexplained loss of her son truly flipped Terra’s world on its axis. Navigating grief, and the effort it took to heal made her acutely aware of the shortfalls of available resources. She began to feel God stirring in her heart, and wanting to share her experience and find a way to help others. After meeting co-founder Ashley in Empty Arms, and hosting an event for their support group, she knew this could really be something. Their unique skill sets created the perfect partnership and foundation for this community. In the darkness, they saw a light to help others.

Terra currently lives in Orange County, and has an amazing and supportive husband, a 5 year old son named Wyatt, and 2 young adult stepchildren, Briara and Shane.

Gloves for Grief has big plans and they don’t include slowing down.

Gloves for Grief is organized as a 501c3 nonprofit. We plan to develop a branch that provides no-cost healing retreats for families in need and to establish a physical location to serve as our headquarters and flagship Grief wellness venue. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values here.

March 21, 2024


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We organize fitness and wellness-inspired events to build a strong community and offer an outlet for physical release.

We are creating a network of mental health professionals and need-based financial assistance to support grieving families beyond our events. 

We offer opportunities for post-event connection through referrals to local faith-based support groups, which is what brought our co-founders together. 

We provide 
healing experience.

We provide

healing experience.




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