Beyond their performance and safe-training design, these gloves feature a private spot inside for honoring a loved one or your fight for your strength.
  • COMFORT: The Anvil Armor Foam System is tested to absorb the most powerful of punches while having a comfortable fit.
  • PROTECTION: Our hook and loop wrist strap and attached thumb creates a comfortable and precise fit while helping prevent injury to the wrists and thumbs
  • STAY COOL: A padded moisture repelling quick wick liner helps keep your hands cool during training
  • EASY CARE: The gloves are made from Carbonium Construction, making it easy to wipe down after an intense workout
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Look no further-these sleek, one-size-fits-most, and expertly handmade gloves provide comfort, safety and support for all athletes-at any level.
  • WEIGHT: 12 oz
  • SHIPPING: Free within CA or $15.00 out of state

$65 / pair


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Our workouts are led by Functional Movement & Boxing Fitness specialist Ashley Guarrasi. Beyond coming together with others who understand, we have an amazing network of vendors who create opportunities for self-care and remembrance of your loved one.

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